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To a person not to know which Matcha you should choose.
When you buy matcha for a souvenir,
why are the prices so different from 800 JPY to 3000 JPY,
with a can of the same 20g?

You must learn about Matcha in this unique experience!!

You can participate in a tea-ceremony experience in Kyoto.
Generally, in a tea-ceremony, you can learn about the heart of "the once-in-a-lifetime chance" and manners of the tea-ceremony.
On the other hand, you can't learn about the tea in the tea-ceremony.
We'll give you a lecture on how to feel the different tastes in detail, what is Cha-Kabuki and about Japanese tea.
In this class, you can enjoy the difference of Japanese tea by tasting Gelato.

What is your impression?

I have never eaten so strong Matcha gelato in my life! I boasted a lot about that to my friends.
from Australia Mr.Mike

What is your impression?

I was interested in Japanese tea. I understood it very well. It was very exciting.
from Taiwan Ms.Lee

What is your impression?

I ate various Matcha sweets in Japan, and this gelato is my best. Amazing! I wish I could take this home.
from Italy Ms.Angelina

Master: Mitsumasa Oki

I lecture this class easily!

Please have an experience a true taste of Matcha.

Five reasons why Cha-Kabuki gelato experience is chosen

High grade Matcha gelato

1. Strong taste!
You understand a difference when you eat a spoonful of gelato.
Every flavor is strong and you feel a flavor of the Japanese tea.
Taste changes by airing the gelato, and changing temperature.

2. You can enjoy even if you are beginner.
Don't worry! If you know nothing about Japanese tea, please never mind.
We'll give you a lecture on how to recognize the taste, what is Cha-Kabuki and about Japanese tea in Kyoto.


3. 95% of person say "I want to try agein!".
There is the fun that you want to experience again.
Maybe you want to get a perfect score on the next time.

4. Beautiful!
We make hand-carving on a gelato, like a Japanese garden.
Most people take pictures of it.


5. Only one!
There is no class like this in the world.
It becomes the wonderful memory of your trip.

Taste and compare Cha-Kabuki Gelato in a unique experience


Taste and compare Cha-Kabuki Gelato in a unique experience
 \ 10,800
 Even you are alone, you can participate.
 You need to make a reservation.
 It's going to take about one hour.


< Guidance >
 * What is "Cha-Kabuki"?
 * Learn about Japanese tea
 * Learn how to taste matcha gelato, and the defferences about matcha
 * Let's try to taste!
 * After comparing by tasting five kinds of gelatos, and having felt the taste, we'll give you a blindfold and start the game.
 * You taste by a mouthful and guess which gelato is from which tea.



Q. Is it true that I understand a difference of the Matcha with gelato?
A. Of course you can!
Many people feel difference in taste.
Don't be afraid, let's enjoy it together.

Q. I cannot sit Seiza, is it all right?
A. Never mind. You don't need to sit Seiza.
You can sit down on a chair.

Q. I'm alone and beginner, is that all right?
A. No problem! Anybody is beginner at first time.
Please ask anything when you have question in this class.

Our feeling

Now, mostly of the market is filled by products of matcha.
Not only sweets but also for drink and cooking.

But most products are cheap price and easy to buy, so they can use only a cheap thing for matcha of raw materials.
Actually, there are many customers saying “I don’t like matcha, because of bitterness”.
This is because they don’t know really good taste of high grade matcha.

< Have you ever taste raw tea leaves? >
Raw tea leaves have natural sweetness and rich flavor.
You can feel “Umami” high grade matcha, that low class of matcha doesn’t have.
And also, it is hard to feel bitterness from high grade matcha.

There are so many farmers’ efforts who live in Uji to grow tea leaves include a lot of Umami.
We just want you to know real Umami of matcha that is the fruits of farmer’s labors.

They offer drinking Koicha to taste real Umami, but in koicha, the term “knead” is used instead of “whisk”, which suggests how thick the matcha is.
So, many people say Koicha is hard to drink.

We just want you to know real Umami of high grade matcha.
Why we use expensive high grade matcha to make gelato, and particular about manufacturing method to make use of matcha.
And also, our particularly is about how to taste to enjoy the fragrance.

In this class, you can enjoy the difference of Japanese tea by tasting gelato.
We will be very happy if you interested in Umami of high grade matcha.

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