Gelato Vene The oldest Gelato shop in Kyoto, Japan.

High Quality Handmade Gelato

We have been makeing gelato over 30 years.
Also we started to make Artistic gelato in 1990.

Kansai TV Came to our shop!
Japanese idol "AKB48" Yui Yokoyama enjoyed our gelato!
She tasted this! You must try!

high grade Matcha gelato

High Grade Matcha gelato \2,700-
Strong and rich taste, but not bitter!
Used lot of high grade Matcha.
Many people say "Amazing! Nothing like this!"
You can taste this gelato only at my store in Kyoto.

High grade Matcha gelato tasting!

She also tryed "Cha-kabuki High grade Matcha gelato tasting".
Check this out!

ABC TV「News Cast」came to the shop!
An ABC news anchor "Tsukamoto" taste our highest grade Matcha gelato!
ABC news anchor Tsukamoto and Madame Noriko

She enjoyed this gelato

Highest grade matcha gelato Kiwami
Highest Grade Matcha Gelato 48600 JPY
Need a reservation.
Using highest grade matcha in Japan.
Only our shop use this matcha for gelato.

Kansai TV

Japanese entertainer Hiroshi Madoka came to the shop!
High grade Matcha gelato

High Grade Matcha Gelato \2,700
You can taste this gelato only at my store in Kyoto.
Using high grade Matcha.
Rich and Strong taste, but not bitter!
You know why?
We also teach you How to taste our gelato.
If you like Matcha, must try this taste.

Holiday Calendar
※Sometimes Holiday will changed suddenly.
※Even if it is holiday, you can make a reservation.
Please call us! +81-75-723-2414
We will answer from 11:00 to 17:00.

What's New!

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