Making Origami art!

You know Origami art?
Some people say “I can make a crane".

Then how about dragon?
How about turtle?

I teach you how to make Origami Art.
Let’s enjoy making!

When you arrive at the shop, take a break with tea.
First, introduce each other.

Then, select the origami you want to use.
There are two or three kinds of simple things, but if it is difficult, it will take a long time.
Of course, it depends on your dexterity.
But don’t worry, I will help you.

An example of origami art
○ Cranes, triple cranes, four cranes, congratulatory cranes
(This is how to fold a crane from the Edo period, and fold multiple cranes with one piece of paper.)

○ Animals such as rats, squirrels and turtles

○ Origami: Pokemon characters, Star Wars Falcon, Dragon and other popular overseas themes

○ Rabbits etc. in a chopstick bag (It will be exciting at a drinking party)

○ Pegasus (It’s very difficult, but it’s my original origami.)

Let’s take a commemorative photo when it is completed!
We will also give you a commemorative certificate of origami art.
Finally, a little sweet and fun chat.
All papers will be prepared so you can participate by hand.
A very unusual experience for traveling memories. Let’s have fun together!

○ Self introduction
○ Practice
○ Commemorative photo
○ Certificate award
○ Talk with sweets


If you want to join this experience, please make us a call.
“Hello? I want to join the Origami Art experience."
We will answer you in English.


< Clean and secure >

Private Room
It is safe because you will experience in a private room.
No contact with other customers.

Private Class
The Master gives private lessons only for you.
There is no contact with others.

Masters also wear gloves and masks when giving lectures.
Before and after the experience, the room is ventilated, and 70% alcohol is used to wipe off tables, chairs and walls.


<About correspondence in our gelato manufacturing factory>
Our gelato manufacturing factory is different from general gelato shop and performs strict hygiene management according to HACCP.
We manufacture gelato in a clean room that maintains the same level of cleanliness as a precision machine factory. We also set up a semi-clean room for carrying out materials and products, and manage hygiene in stages.
Employees are required to check their body temperature every day, control the wearing of lab coats, masks, and hygiene caps, wash their hands with disinfecting detergents when entering and exiting rooms, air jet dry, and disinfect alcohol.

Enjoy a clean and secure experience with gelato manufactured in a very clean environment.