Making Gelato Art

○Making Gelato Art

It is a cultural experience where you learn the culture of Kyoto and have it expressed in sweets.
Express yourself freely by using gelato and cake as you see and feel the temple.
Let 's make your only one gelato art in the world.

○Description of gelato art
We give lectures on how to make your art with gelato and cakes
○Make Gelato Art!

Don’t forget to take photos!

About 1 hour   Minimum number of people : 2

Choose one from various themes such as Akita Inu, Maiko, Gion Festival, dry garden, and make art with gelato and cake.

In addition, sticking to carefully selected materials, high-grade gelato that is concentrated without adding air and has not been added has been highly praised by foreigners, and we have many people repeat it.


If you want to join this experience, please make us a call.
“Hello? I want to join the Gelato Art experience."
We will answer you in English.


< Clean and secure >

Private Room
It is safe because you will experience in a private room.
No contact with other customers.

Private Class
The Master gives private lessons only for you.
There is no contact with others.

Masters also wear gloves and masks when giving lectures.
Before and after the experience, the room is ventilated, and 70% alcohol is used to wipe off tables, chairs and walls.


<About correspondence in our gelato manufacturing factory>
Our gelato manufacturing factory is different from general gelato shop and performs strict hygiene management according to HACCP.
We manufacture gelato in a clean room that maintains the same level of cleanliness as a precision machine factory. We also set up a semi-clean room for carrying out materials and products, and manage hygiene in stages.
Employees are required to check their body temperature every day, control the wearing of lab coats, masks, and hygiene caps, wash their hands with disinfecting detergents when entering and exiting rooms, air jet dry, and disinfect alcohol.

Enjoy a clean and secure experience with gelato manufactured in a very clean environment.