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Gelato Vene about our shop

How to access




From Kyoto station
If you take bus from Kyoto Station, please get on No.1 or 205.
And get off at the bus stop called “Botanical garden".
It is going to be 40-60 min.
After get off the bus stop, it is going to take 1 min to my store.

If you take subway, please get on Karasuma Line, and get off the station “Kitao-ji".
It is going to be 30 min.
After you get off the subway, it will take 10 min to my store by walk.

The shop is near Botanical garden.
Also you can find some coin-operated parking spaces.

About us

The store is in a quiet high class residential area, near the Kamo river.
We make artistic gelato based on culture and sensitivity of Kyoto.

Madame Noriko opened the gelato shop in Kyoto at the very first in 1985.
Her artistic gelato caught the attention of a lot of the media, so the shop got a lot of coverage.
We have produced a novel gelato with creativity and originality in the motto of a genuine, good for health, hand-made, Additive-free.
Madame Noriko learned the old-fashioned sweets and gelato of the process in Rome, and we make sweets in extremely technical.

We hold many experience classes to enjoy our gelato world.
Not just eat, you can learn a lot of things here.

Dine In Menu

While makeing your orders, you can see close up us in front of the kitchen.
Of course you can take photos and shoot the video.
Not just to taste, but also you can feel and learn.
Please enjoy!

○High grade Matcha gelato
Our shop’s speciality
Strong and rich taste, but not bitter.
Do you know why?
Even Japanese don’t know that Matcha has many rank.
And each Matcha has different flavors and taste by the rank.
Only high grade Matcha has a lot of “Umami".
(Umami is taste of MSG.)
Useing only freash and soft tea leaves.
You can feel amezing taste.

○Hand-carved craft gelato
Only one artistic gelato for you.
Kameya Kaemon the 13th makes these artistic gelato only for you.
2 different kind of art are on the plate.
While he makes your art, you can shoot the video and photoes.
It takes about 20 min.
Please enjoy the taste with coffee or tea.(included)

○High quality Gelato
Rich and strong taste
We use a production method that minimizes the amount of air added to our gelato.
(In industry jargon, it is said that their gelato has little overrun.)
Stirring the gelato right before eating brings in air that allows the smell to come out.
Stirring also raises the temperature, which makes it easier to taste the flavor.
We make only 1 liter of gelato, because of maintaining the highest possible quality.
That is why you can feel rich and strong taste.
Then, take another bite of gelato and, without swallowing,
allow it to spread through your mouth and melt on your tongue, savoring it as you would a fine wine.
Before swallowing, deeply breathe in through the nose to enjoy the flavor and aroma,
and after swallowing, take another deep breath to experience
a slight variation in the taste and aroma.

Please choose one flavor
・Usucha (Middle grade Matcha)    Matcha from Uji. Usualy, Usucha is used for tea ceremony.
You can feel bitter and Umami. Please enjoy rich and strong taste.

・Organic Matcha    This organic matcha is a type of usucha but with more bitterness than is typically found in other types of usucha.
As you stir to let in air, the bitterness decreases.

・Matcha with mugwort    Mugwort, known as “yomogi” in Japanese, is an herb often mixed into mochi.
The aroma of the matcha can be sensed when you taste before stirring.
When you stir, the aroma of the mugwort spreads, followed by taste of Matcha.

・Matcha with soy milk     Middle grade Matcha stewed with soy milk.
Perfect marriage of Matcha and soy milk. When you stir, you can feel doughy texture and aloma of soy milk.

・High Grade Sencha    Sencha is a typical green tea.
The sencha used in this gelato is higher-grade than generally seen.
It has fuller flavor with bitterness and astringency, and you may also taste a sweetness or umami.

・Houji-cha(Roasted tea)    The characteristic aromatic smell of hojicha comes from roasting the leaves.
The hojicha we use is of high quality, so that you may taste umami and leading some to say it has a chocolate-like flavor.

・Kinako (Roasted Soybean flour)     It is often used to coat and flavor “odango,"
which is rice dumpling. Taste like peanut butter. Delicious!

・Chocolate    Rich and strong Chocolate taste.
We use high quality Red Cacao and make gelato with traditional method of Roma, Italy. Please enjoy the aroma of cacao.

・Soymilk     It is safe and yummy gelato for people who is allergic to milk and egg.
It is so smooth and creamy. When you atair, this gelato will be extended.

・Rich Strawberry    We use 6packs of strawberry for 1 liter of milk. (1.5 times of milk)
We change the recipe according to the strawberry every time.

・Rich Mango    Useing high quality Mango to make salsa, and takes 1 year to mature flavor.
Then we make gelato only useing this salsa(fruit sauce). No milk and rich strong taste.

・Kyoho grape    This gelato produced in the same way as Mango gelato.
You will enjoy the strong aroma and rich smooth taste. Many people love this flavor.

・White peach    Most popular flavor.  Produced in the same way as Mango gelato.
When you stair this gelato, the fragrance will pervaded the whole room.

・Lemon    Only useing lemon sarcocarp to make gelato. It needs tons of lemon.
Soooooo sour! But refreshing! You may feel clearly the aroma of lemon. Try this!

Take away Menu

Rich and Strong taste gelato.
Makes the most of the original taste of high quality ingredients.
Just take a One bite, so you can feel the difference.
Useing high grade Matcha and so on… Try this!

○High grade Matcha gelato
○Other kind of Matcha Gelato
○Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango and so on…
We make some gelato without useing milk and eggs.
If you have any allergy, please ask us.