Gelato Vene’s 5 particular

Gelato Vene’s Five particular



○Useing a lot of high quality carefully selected materials to make rich taste gelato.

Especialy, we use high grade Matcha to make gelato.

Matcha will be rapidly oxidizes to degrade in quality When matcha is on contact with air.
The bright color, aroma, and flavor will change.
That is why we make the gelato after you ordered.

In addition, It is not like that if you put a lot of green tea, the gelato will be delicious.
We use the Koicha -High grade matcha- amount of 5 times or more.
But if we use Koicha too much, smooth texture and melting in the mouth will be lost.

And also you can’t feel any “umami of matcha", even if you use too much cheap matcha.
In order to make the true taste of green tea, the most important thing is useing Koicha “appropriate amount".
Also, Matcha is very easy to deterioration of the material.
So “temperature and speed" will be very important to make gelato after you open the can of Matcha.

Matcha must be strained in the very fine net.
But when you rubbed to the net, heat will makes bad the color of matcha.
(Most people can’t find the differences.)

That is why, temperature control and speed is so important to make gelato.
So you can feel the bright color, rich aroma and delicate flavor.

We are making a matcha gelato over life.
Therefor no matter how hard and how long it is going to take.
We want you to enjoy the best condition and taste of matcha gelato.
And please be happy.
We are making gelato in such desperate thoughts.


○Useing much amount of materials

For example, used 6 pack of strawberries for 1 liter of milk.
We emphasize the flavor of the material like Italian gelato.



We make the fruit to salsa in Italian production process.
After that, just leave it for about six month.
Then the flavor will also be richly tasteful.
You can enjoy rich, deep flavor, not in the fresh fruit.
We use lots of salsa to make gelato.


○Maturing materials more than 10 years.

We also make maturing materials, like plum wine and rum raisin more than 10 years.


If you use a lot of delicious things, you might think it is easy to make delicious gelato.
But it is not!
You have to care about to change the timing and size to put the material, also,
to a variety of considerations such as temperature and time.
After that, finally you can get really good taste gelato.
We are also making a very small amount gelato to keep the color and flavor.


2. Manufacturing method


In general, people use milk, sugar, skim milk or cream, eggs, etc to make “base".

If you use eggs, it is called “Yellow base".
If you don’t use eggs, it is called “White base".

Then you put materials into the base.

Base + Matcha → matcha gelato
base + strawberry → strawberry gelato

Matcha has a bitter taste, but strawberries don’t have.
Also, strawberries have sour taste, but matcha don’t have.

In addition, even in strawberries, for the type and origin, and harvest time is different.
So sweet and sour taste, color, size, freshness, texture will be different.

Do you think it will be all same flavor?
Of course not!

So, when we get some materials, we taste it first and think the recipe every time.

The taste of material is also change by the season and the land, due to the climate of the city.
Even milk is same.
Fat content will be changed in summer and winter.
So we change the recipe in summer and winter.
Also we care about temperature and humidity.
Because we have to change the time to cool and burn.


Matcha is also a natural product, so there is some differences every year.
We chage the recipe and production process in accordance with the difference every year.
It is so hard to control the temperature and time, when you produce on a large scale.
That is why we are also making a very small amount gelato to keep the color and flavor.


Strawberry variety(Honoka, Beni-hoppe, amaou, etc) ,the place of production and harvest time makes difference of sweetness, sourness, size, aroma and color.
Of course, it is nature product.
For this reason, when we buy some strawberries, we taste it first.
Then we think recipe and manufacturing method every time in accordance with strawberries to bring out the best taste.


○Strict management and high level technique
Not just matcha, even some materials like strawberries need strict management and high level technique to bring out the best taste.

For exanple, we heat matcha with milk at high temperature.
But if you miss just a few seconds, you can’t bring out the Umami of matcha.
Also, when you heat Yomogi (kind of Japanese herb) with milk, the temperature is very important.
If the temperature is low, you can’t bring out the flavor.
Furthermore, if the temperature is over just one degrees, the color will gets dark.
And you have to think about waste heat too.
If you don’t think about it, harsh taste comes out and taste will be changed.


○very small amount

We make very small amount of gelato to bring out the best taste.

For example, when you heat something,

small amount → heating time is short, cool down time is short also.
large amount → heating time is long, cool down time is long too.

Also, when you mix something,

mix small amount → easy to mix uniformly, mixing time is short.
mix large amount → hard to mix uniformly, mixing time is long.

Therefor, there is a high risk of change qualities when you make large amount of gelato.

Of course, when you make large amout, production cost will go down.
And it include a lot of air in the gelato.
So, the price will be cheaper.
You never get to bring out the best taste.
There is some good taste, but not the best.

That is why we make very small amount every times, many times.
We want you feel the best taste of materials.
There is our strong preferences.


○Free air!
When people make gelato, they put some materials into the freezing machine.
The machine freeze the materials with stirring.
So materials get a lot of air in itself.
You can feel smooth feeling but actually, the taste, flavor and color is gone.
Air takes aroma as perfume.
And also getting oxidized makes deterioration fast.
That is why we make very small amount of gelato to suspect such as an imperceptible change to not include any air in it.
So, please mix the air before you taste.
The aroma comes out.


3. Additive-free


○We don’t use any emulsifier, Stabilizer, preservative, essence and so on.
We use only milk, rice powder, sugar and materials.
So please be at ease and eat.
Also, we use eggs only vanilla, chocolate and cream gelato.
We have some flavor not useing milk.
So you can enjoy the taste even if you have allergy.

○Production line in consideration for allergy
We separate production line to prevent contamination of allergens like milk, eggs, soy, etc.

A boy who has allergy of eggs, tasted our Kinako (Roasted soy bean powder, taste like peanut butter) gelato.
And he was deeply moved by that taste.
Most of gelato use Yellow base (Useing eggs), so he can’t eat gelato before.
The boy’s smile was the best one for his parents.
They said “This is very inportant that we can eat that without worry."
That is our pleasure that the customers trust us with peace of mind.

For the reason, we do thorough cleaning and sterilizing every time.
And we check manufacturing process many times.
Every one can taste and enjoy our gelato.
We do a lot of strategies for the customers.


4. Technique of hand-carved design


We have techniques of hand-carved design useing knife, fork and spoon, etc.
That is only one in the world.

Gelato can be more artistically.
Our gelato is not just delicious, you can also savior the season through their looks.
That is Kyoto-jin (people who is born and raised in Kyoto).
There is the delicate sensibility to make things beautiful.
Same as gelato.


A hotel owner said to Madame Noriko.
“Gelato is only gelato even if affected."
So, she goes like this.
“Then I make gelato more artistically."

In the Middle Ages of Europe, the aristocracy taste gelato as palate cleanser.
So there could be more artistical gelato.
Since 1990, we’ve been tried to make artistic gelato.

Now most of poeple say “This gelato is too beautiful to taste."
It is going to take long time to learn technique of hand-carved design.
You have to think power condition and the angle along the hardness, the balance of design.
We hold an experience class to learn technique of hand-carved design.
Because we would like you to know how fun it is to make gelato art.

If many people make a lot of beautiful gelato, the world will be more happy.
Why don’t you join us!


5. How to taste

Before you taste, We want you to mix up with the air.
Because we don’t put any air in gelato when we make.
Then you mix with the air, you can feel a lot of aroma of materials

Usually, people make gelato with air to make it smooth.
So you don’t need mix up.
Because the aroma is gone.
And also it becomes large amount and make company’s benefit.
But materials is oxidized on exposure to air, and aroma will be lost.

Aroma is very important.
When you get cold and stuffed up nose, you can’t feel the taste.
That is same thing.
If aroma is gone, it will be so hard to feel the taste.
That is why we do care about aroma.

And also the temperature is important too.
When the temperature is low, it is easy to feel bitterness and sourness.
When the temperature is high, it is easy to feel sweetness and Umami.
(Umami is taste of MSG)

That is why we want you to mix up the air.