Cha-kabuki Experience

○Cha-Kabuki   High Grade Matcha gelato tasting

Cha-Kabuki is a historical play that began in the 14th century. I will also teach you the history and competition method. Even Japanese, most of people think Matcha is bitter.

But it is not!

When you buy matcha for a souvenir, why are the prices so different from 800 JPY to 3000 JPY, with a can of the same 20g?

You learn about Matcha in this unique experience!!

Generally, in a tea-ceremony, you learn about the heart of “the once-in-a-lifetime chance" and manners of the tea-ceremony.

On the other hand, you can’t learn about Matcha.

I give you a lecture on how to feel the different tastes and about Japanese tea.

You want to be a Master of Matcha?

Then, join us!


Hello. I’m Kameya Kaemon 13th, please call me mickey. I’ve been making 13 kinds of Matcha gelato more than 20 years at the oldest gelato shop my mother started in 1985.
Many tea ceremony teachers and tea sellers have come to my class. I taught about Matcha to over 500 students. I’ve trained myself to taste different grades of matcha with gelato for 10 years since I first started learning under madam Noriko (my master). My artistic gelato has been featured by a lot of media. I hope this experience is enjoyable and leads to a better understanding of real Matcha taste. Feel the deep matcha world.

○Learn about Japanese tea and Matcha.

○Taste matcha gelato, and Know the differences.

○Let’s have a little game “Cha-Kabuki"

After taste gelato, guess which one is which flavor.

○How to make Matcha drink

(I give you a recipe. Please make it at your home)

If you get the perfect, you will be a Master!


About 1 hour   Minimum number of people : 1

You can choose the level.

Level Easy : 3 Matcha gelato   5,500 JPY/person(Tax included)
Recognize the basics of matcha and the differences in taste and aroma depending on the rank.
Taste the top, middle and bottom three ranks of matcha gelato.
We focus on knowing the taste of matcha and enjoying it.

Level Normal :  4 Matcha gelato and 1 Roasted tea gelato   7,150 JPY/person(Tax included)
Recognize the basics of matcha and the differences in taste and aroma depending on the rank.
You can taste the top, middle and bottom three ranks of matcha gelato, organic matcha gelato and roasted tea gelato.
Knowing the different flavors of tea will make you feel the difference more clearly.

Level Hard : 5 Matcha gelato   11,000 JPY/person(Tax included)
This is a special lesson where tea ceremony teachers also participate.
We use the highest quality of matcha in Japan and feel the difference in its aroma and taste.
You can taste the Highest-ranked, top, middle, and bottom ranks of matcha gelato and organic matcha gelato.
Lectures on specialized knowledge such as why Matcha will be the new tea season in November and so on.


If you want to join this experience, please make us a call.
“Hello? I want to join the Cha-Kabuki experience."
We will answer you in English.


< Clean and secure >

Private Room
It is safe because you will experience in a private room.
No contact with other customers.

Private Class
The Master gives private lessons only for you.
There is no contact with others.

Masters also wear gloves and masks when giving lectures.
Before and after the experience, the room is ventilated, and 70% alcohol is used to wipe off tables, chairs and walls.


<About correspondence in our gelato manufacturing factory>
Our gelato manufacturing factory is different from general gelato shop and performs strict hygiene management according to HACCP.
We manufacture gelato in a clean room that maintains the same level of cleanliness as a precision machine factory. We also set up a semi-clean room for carrying out materials and products, and manage hygiene in stages.
Employees are required to check their body temperature every day, control the wearing of lab coats, masks, and hygiene caps, wash their hands with disinfecting detergents when entering and exiting rooms, air jet dry, and disinfect alcohol.

Enjoy a clean and secure experience with gelato manufactured in a very clean environment.